Fish Foodies Rejoice! The Best Seafood Restaurants in Halifax, NS

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Join LuxuryNovaScotia on a culinary journey of discovery as we explore the very best seafood Restaurants in Halifax


Halifax is undeniably a treasure trove of fresh and exquisite seafood delicacies. This charming Canadian coastal city offers a rich tapestry of culinary delights where seafood takes center stage, with the city’s best restaurants serving up a symphony of flavors, from buttery lobsters to crisp fried clams, offering diners an unforgettable sensory journey.

Whether you’re an epicurean seeking luxurious ocean-fresh dining or a traveler with a hankering for a hearty, rustic seafood chowder, Halifax has something to satiate your palate.

Join us as we navigate through the top seafood restaurants in Halifax, exploring the diversity of maritime flavors that continue to enchant visitors and locals alike. Together, we’ll discover the city’s gems and uncover the secrets behind Halifax’s reputation as a paradise for seafood enthusiasts.


The Best Seafood Restaurants in Halifax


The Five Fisherman Restaurant
Five Fisermen fish dish at one of the best seafood restaurants in Halifax
The Five Fishermen Restaurant is famous for its always fresh seafood dishes (Photo courtesy The Five Fishermen Restaurant)


If you like good food and fascinating history, The Five Fisherman Restaurant in downtown Halifax serves up both in abundance. Chef Chris Kyprianou’s carefully curated dinner menu combines the best of seasonal, often local, ingredients with a touch of surprising sweet or spicy inventiveness. And the restaurant’s seafood dishes are among the best in the Maritimes.

Starters include a Nova Scotia seafood chowder chock full of scallops, clams, shrimp, mussels, and salmon. There’s a daily ceviche or, if fish isn’t your thing, pork belly tostada with charred corn and crispy quinoa. Wood-grilled fish includes salmon, arctic char, Mahi Mahi, or swordfish, and comes with your choice of signature sauce: maple brown butter, Asian BBQ, pineapple salsa, or chimichurri.

Despite the restaurant’s name, carnivores have quite a few choices including slow-cooked short ribs and wood-grilled steaks. There are even options for vegans and vegetarians, including grilled cauliflower with polenta and leeks or wood-grilled mushrooms and tofu.

In my opinion, the best comes last since the desserts are heavenly. Cedar smoked smores with torched marshmallows, caramel, and peanut butter cream that woke up my taste buds with just the right touch of charred fluff, gooey caramel, and silky nut cream. My partner had the coconut chi latte cheesecake, daubed with chai tea syrup, coconut foam, and delicate black sesame tuile.

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The Five Fisherman Restaurant was enjoyed by Contributor Maureen Littlejohn.


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